XII - Wiser Time

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PRODUCED BY: Wiser Time & Chuck Hammer

Recorded by: Tom Camuso at E Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Recorded by: Ben Elliott at Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ
Assistant Engineers: Anthony Cifaretto & Josh Gannet
Mixed by: Tom Camuso at E Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by: Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, New York, NY
Photography: Tim Camuso
Art & Design: Carmen Sclafani

Copyright 2012 Wiser Time Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved
Made in the USA

Rob Clores: B3, Piano
Steve Decker: Drums
Chuck Hammer: Guitarchitecture
Andy Hess: Bass
Carmen Sclafani: Guitars, Shakers, Vocals
Jimmy Somma: Guitar

We've come full circle. To the end of a period in time and to the beginning of a new dawn. A period of reflection on the creators and accomplishments of past generations and a push forward into the 21st century.

"There's a real sense of rebirth happening right now," says Carmen Sclafani about Wiser Time's latest release, "XII." "We've all had to persevere through so much adversity over the last ten years, and I think that many people are embracing that idea of 'moving forward' in a more positive direction."

It's a fitting theme for this relatively unknown renaissance man from the "X" Generation, who set off on a musical journey ten years ago in search of one dream, with two things in mind..."time," and "wisdom."

The dream however, wasn't something that was born out of a desire for fame or fortune, but rather, out of a necessity to preserve the musical traditions from our past and to carry them forward to the next generation. And with the help of producer Chuck Hammer (Lou Reed, David Bowie), "XII" takes the next step forward and delivers a fitting dose of rock n roll that defines the essence of Wiser Time.

"The number 12 is a reflection of who I am in a way," says Sclafani. "It's the right theme in a fitting time, and it pushes Wiser Time into some new sonic directions."

A fitting time indeed.



Gonna Be Alright

I've been up and down
One too many times
I've been chewed up, knocked down and crucified
I've seen sunny days
And I've seen my share of sorrow
And who knows what tomorrow may bring

It's gonna be alright

Well, I've rambled for miles
And watched mountains fall into the sea
Sought absolution
And have waited most patiently
My body is weary but my spirit is still strong
Sometimes you carry a weight only to carry on

But it's gonna be alright

Here's all my love

Let's come together now

It's alright

There And Back Again All For One Beggars And Thieves XII